Pay transparency requires employers to disclose the wage structures in their workplaces, and helps to enforce existing human rights laws and promote gender equality.

On International Women’s Day 2018, Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act was introduced as an important new tool to help close the gender pay gap. The Act requires employers with 100+ employees to make annual reports about the gender pay gaps in their workplaces.

Women were supposed to have access to pay transparency by January 1, 2019, but the government stalled the Act indefinitely.

In February, Ontario announced a new round of consultations about the Pay Transparency Act regulation. The deadline for submissions was Friday April 5, 2019.

“You have had a legal obligation to pay non-discriminatory wages for almost 75 years. There’s still a pay gap. Time’s up,” said Fay Faraday, co-chair of the Equal Pay Coalition.

“New transparency rules should help tighten gender gap in wages”, Toronto Star, Sara Mojtehedzadeh

Click the link below to download our *NEW* primer on Pay Transparency, the consultations, and the key areas to include in the Pay Transparency regulation.

Consultation on Pay Transparency, What you need to know to respond

Click the links below for the Equal Pay Coalition’s Submission to the pay transparency consultations:

EPC Pay Transparency Act Consultation Cover Letter EPC Pay Transparency Act Consultation Submission

EPC Pay Transparency Act Consultation Submission

And for more information, click here for our April 2018 submission to The Standing Committee on Social Policy entitled Strengthening Human Rights Accountability: Pay Transparency to Close the Gender Pay Gap

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