Formed in 1976, the Equal Pay Coalition is comprised of dozens of trade unions, women’s and businesswomen’s groups, and community organizations seeking to end gender pay discrimination and close the gender pay gap through legislation, collective bargaining, and social initiatives.

Over the years, the Coalition has met with a succession of Ontario governments calling for action on many fronts to bring economic equality to women in all their diverse circumstances. These include strong enforcement of the Pay Equity Act, access to affordable child care, increases to the minimum wage, and reinstatement of Ontario’s Employment Equity Act.

For 40 years, Mary Cornish was the Chair of the committee and received an Order of Canada for her work. Currently, the co-Chairs are Fay Faraday and Jan Borowy.

Most recently, the Coalition developed its strategy “Securing Justice for Women’s Work” which included 12 Steps to Closing the Gap, a comprehensive and holistic strategy for policy-makers and employers.

Our Members:

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