“I didn’t come here to work myself to death until I’m broken.”
“Stand by us, and ensure we get what we deserve”

All across Ontario, women work in jobs taking care of people and the community in childcare, social services, education and health care. This care work is essential.

By caring, helping and teaching people, these workers ensure our societies can function. Our communities cannot thrive without women’s work in these critical public services. Yet those doing this work, mostly women and many racialized, are drastically overworked, undervalued, and underpaid.

Pay equity is not a privilege or a frill. It is the law. Discriminatory pay gaps are a violation of human rights. 

Hear firsthand from women workers in Ontario about the conditions they’re facing, and the support they need now.

USW / SEIU Healthcare / OFL
USW / SEIU Healthcare / OFL

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