April 16 is Equal Pay Day
On Equal Pay Day, women across Ontario will take action to rebuild public services and close the gender pay gap.
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Tell our governments to protect public services and close the gender pay gap.
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Poll: Closing the Gap
85% of Ontarians want action on women’s economic equality.
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We're mobilizing for Equal Pay Day!

April 16, 2024 is Equal Pay Day. It symbolizes how far into the next year the average woman must work in order to have earned what the average man had earned in the previous year.

Meet the Coalition

Since 1976, the non-partisan Equal Pay Coalition has been the main advocate for women’s pay equity in Ontario.
We unite 40+ women’s groups, trade unions, community groups and business organizations representing hundreds of thousands of women and gender diverse people across the province.

The pay gap harms all women—but some have it worse.

Pay gaps are a human rights violation. It’s time we all speak up.

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The pay gap affects Ontario women differently.​

Women in Ontario face a 32% pay gap on average. But if you’re a women with disabilities, an immigrant, Indigenous, or racialized, it’s much wider.

Indigenous women 42%
Black women 42%
Women with Disabilities 43%
Arab women 47%

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Voices from Equal Pay Day 2024


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