Pay Transparency to Close the Gender Pay Gap Act

On Equal Pay Day, the Equal Pay Coalition calls on the Ontario government to introduce a new Pay Transparency to Close the Gender Pay Gap Act. After years of lobbying for such legislation, the Coalition says the time for decisive action to close the gender pay gap is now. The Coalition will meet with the Minister of Labour, Keven Flynn and the Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues, Indira Naidoo-Harris on Equal Pay Day to encourage the immediate implementation of the new law.

This new law requires annual mandatory reporting by private and public sector employers with 10 or more employees to the Ontario Ministry of Labour on the state of the gender pay gap in their workplaces.

The proposed Equal Pay Coalition law would:

  • Require reporting based on job classifications.
  • Set out employees’ right to know about their employer’s pay structure.
  • Protect employees from punishment for discussing pay structure.
  • Require employers file transparency reports with the Ministry of Labour and with their shareholders annually.
  • Apply to government procurement processes.

Pay transparency enables the open promotion of gender equality in a workplace.

The Ontario government can find inspiration in many jurisdictions. Quebec requires employers with 10 or more employees to file their annual Pay Equity Plans electronically. Denmark, Australia, and the United Kingdom have such legislation, and soon Iceland will have the most progressive pay transparency laws in the world.