Tell the government to take action to close the gender pay gap!

Ontario's gender pay gap is a human rights crisis. In recognition of Equal Pay Day, the Equal Pay Coalition asks you to send a strong message to the Ontario government to take bold action to close the gender pay gap.

Canada’s latest Census shows Ontario women on average make 71 cents for every dollar a man makes – they face a 29% gender pay gap.

But this ‘average’ figure does not capture the depth of the human rights and economic crisis working women experience in Ontario. For Indigenous women, the gap is 43%. Racialized women face a gap of 38%; immigrant women face a 34% gap. Meanwhile the government's own statistics show Ontario’s economy is losing $18 billion each year due to the gender pay gap.

This March the Ontario government introduced a new Pay Transparency Act (Bill 3) to make employers prove they are complying with existing laws to deliver discrimination-free pay. But, Bill 3 is not strong enough. It does not apply to all employers, it will be rolled out over many years, and the important details are left to regulation. There is still time to demand amendments to make Bill 3 stronger.

While pay transparency is important, we know that the gender pay gap won't be closed without access to a fully-funded universal, affordable, accessible public child care system for all kids infant to school age with care that is delivered by childcare workers receiving decent pay.

AND, we know that women delivering important public services to Ontarians through community and social service agencies need properly funded pay equity compliant wages.

Women are done waiting. Show Us The Money.