Gender Pay Gap Facts by the Number

CLOSING ONTARIO’S GENDER PAY GAP – FACTS BY THE NUMBERS Ontario Equal Pay Coalition –   The facts by the number1: 31.5% 58.3% Percentage pay gap between men and women in Ontario in 2011, the most recent year of data available, based on average annual earnings. That’s up from a 28% gender pay gap […]

Guide to Closing Workplace Gender Pay Gaps

GUIDE TO CLOSING WORKPLACE GENDER PAY GAPS prepared by Cavaluzzo Shilton McIntyre & Cornish LLP July 2013     Introduction This updated CSMC Trade Union Guide gives an overview of employers’  obligations and union’s rights and obligations in respect of closing discriminatory gender-based pay gaps experienced by bargaining unit members. The right to pay and […]

A Framework for Action on Pay Equity in Ontario

A FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION ON PAY EQUITY IN ONTARIO: A SPECIAL 20TH ANNIVERSARY REPORT CONTRIBUTING TO ONTARIO’S FUTURE prepared by the Mary Cornish and Fay Faraday with the assistance of Michelle Dagnino, Janet Borowy and Janina Fogels Ontario Equal Pay Coalition – November 2008 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Twenty years after Ontario’s Pay Equity Act was passed, Ontario […]

Putting Fairness Back Into Women’s Pay

PUTTING FAIRNESS BACK INTO WOMEN’S PAY: THE CASE FOR PAY EQUITY IN ONTARIO prepared by Mary Cornish March 2008 Introduction Ontario’s Pay Equity Act celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, but the party will be bittersweet. The province’s 1988 Pay Equity Act promised to bring fair-ness to working women’s paycheques. It was supposed to end the […]