Planning For Gender Equality by 2025

PLANNING FOR GENDER EQUALITY BY 2025 Presentation by Mary Cornish September 28, 2015   Introduction On a daily basis, Ontario women are denied one of their most basic human rights –the right to non-discriminatory work and income. If women obtain paid work, they are often segregated in job ghettos with inferior conditions, denied access to […]

Equality, Fairness and Transparency in Ontario Workplaces

EQUALITY, FAIRNESS AND TRANSPARENCY IN ONTARIO WORKPLACES This submission to the Changing Workplace Review was prepared by Mary Cornish and Janet Borowy September 2015   Overview The Equal Pay Coalition is an organization of over 30 women’s groups, trade unions, community groups and business organizations formed in 1976 with the goal to eradicate the gender […]

Applying a Gender Lens to Close Ontario’s Gender Pay Gap

This resource document is prepared for the purpose of starting the dialogue in Ontario and within the Ontario Government about how to develop and implement Premier Kathleen Wynne’s mandate to develop and implement a strategy to close Ontario’s gender pay gap and to apply a gender lens to government strategies, policies and programs to promote gender equality and the end to gender pay gap.

A Growing Concern – Ontario’s Gender Pay Gap

A GROWING CONCERN – ONTARIO’S GENDER PAY GAP prepared by Mary Cornish Ontario Equal Pay Coalition – April 2014     Executive Summary Last year, the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition, in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Ontario office, began tracking two key trends in its 2013 report, 10 Ways to Close […]